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Stop building stuff on sand – the Internet, Linux

You’ve probably heard about the big DNS attack on Dyn’s servers today, and you probably know that it was the main cause of “half the internet” not working properly today.

The attack targeted Dyn’s DNS servers and took down a shitload of websites (well, not really took down, but I’ll explain further along), including Netflix, WSJ, Imgur, Reddit, Spotify, etc. According to CNBC citing Dyn “tens of millions of IP addresses” were sending packets and causing mayhem for the U.S. based company. Continue Reading

KISS – Sever Security

KISS, as in Keep It Short, Simple is an acronym that I learned a few years ago yet it’s one of the best way to describe how almost anything should work. I’ll talk a bit about how to have a secure server (or VPS, if you’re into that kind of thing) and avoid any nasty chinese h4x0rs trying to login using root as a username.

I’ll go about it in layers, from passive to active and from integrated to dedicated. I use Webmin/Virtualmin and Debian Jessie on my server, so some parts won’t apply to you if your configuration is different, but others will.

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Installing Linux to the HDD of an Xbox360

This is a follow-up on the post regarding installing Debian on the Xbox360.

Most of the resources from the Free60 Project (which is now kinda dead) are either outdated or no longer available. Comcast user “ssmurf” did a good job hosting most of the files needed for the whole process , but I don’t know how longer he’ll host them, so I decided to mirror most of the files myself, including the debootstrap. Usually Linux archives have the tendency to become bloated and ridiculously hard to access.

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What a time to be alive

What a time to be alive, indeed. Technology has evolved so much, you can now do basically anything with just a few parts, regardless of the complexity of the project. From the mere and common resistor to the ESP8266 module, things have changed pretty fucking fast. IoT, Cloud, FW, whatever – we’re now used to seeing these abbreviations everywhere, although if you’d have told me 5 years ago that I’ll do 70% of my business in front of a PC, I would not have believed that.

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