Some words before I actually get to the point of the post: some rules may be bad and useless and without any base on facts, but they’re still laws and some of them carry punishments – so we’re pretty much forced to respect them despite how bad some of them may be. It would be nice if the state would respect them as well.

First order of business – CCR (The Constitutional Court of Romania) and piracy.

Some time ago, when I was trying to decide on a PHP framework to learn I was looking for different books and anything related to CodeIgniter and Laravel (the latter won in my book) and at one point I stumbled upon the link presented in the image below. I obviously took a screenshot and continued my search, forgetting about the incident for some time. Two years later I found the screenshot and curiosity lead me to try accessing it again, and guess what? It’s still there. Still infringing copyright law and the literal first page of the actual pdf file.

Now, I’ve attached all the screenshots necessary, but I really want to know some things like: did the person who put the pdf file there actually needed it to build the website for such a high placed justice institution?


Oh look, someone on StackOverflow was handed a link towards for the sole purpose of illegally downloading a book in PDF form. As you can see I’m very succinct, but the images do speak for themselves.

I became annoyed and then tried to find something else that’s not in order with the website, and lo and behold: they do not have the cookie notice (required by .ro and .eu law) and they store a cookie with some data. This might seem something very small, but companies can end up being fined and paying something like 5% of their annual turnover because of the lack of the cookie notice banner, terms & conditions or privacy policy.

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Oh, yeah, they don’t have a Privacy Policy or Terms&Conditions either, attached the pictures just in case they’ll appear overnight.

There’s one more website that’s on my nerves that was made with public money as well,, which is supposed to be a travel portal for Romania, and it’s honestly not that bad.

It’s still missing the cookie notice, privacy policy and terms&conditions, but it looks decent at least. What’s the problem? Well, the feedback form isn’t working, but it was never really meant to work. There’s no listener to the button because there’s no id to the button, there are no other scripts there, and the button is outside the form tags, form tags that have no action set, no method or anything else set.

PSA The video has some ambient music from YouTube because I was listening to a podcast while recording and bla bla DMCA bla bla.