How my country annoyed me today


Some words before I actually get to the point of the post: some rules may be bad and useless and without any base on facts, but they’re still laws and some of them carry punishments – so we’re pretty much forced to respect them despite how bad some of them may be. It would be nice if the state would respect them as well.

First order of business – CCR (The Constitutional Court of Romania) and piracy.

Some time ago, when I was trying to decide on a PHP framework to learn I was looking for different books and anything related to CodeIgniter and Laravel (the latter won in my book) and at one point I stumbled upon the link presented in the image below. I obviously took a screenshot and continued my search, forgetting about the incident for some time. Two years later I found the screenshot and curiosity lead me to try accessing it again, and guess what? It’s still there. Still infringing copyright law and the literal first page of the actual pdf file. Continue reading