This is a follow-up on the post regarding installing Debian on the Xbox360.

Most of the resources from the Free60 Project (which is now kinda dead) are either outdated or no longer available. Comcast user “ssmurf” did a good job hosting most of the files needed for the whole process , but I don’t know how longer he’ll host them, so I decided to mirror most of the files myself, including the debootstrap. Usually Linux archives have the tendency to become bloated and ridiculously hard to access.

You’ll need

  • 2 CDs  (DVDs work as well)
  • USB keyboard /& mouse
  • JTAG/RGH Xbox360
  • Patience

Resources addresses


  1. Create a CD with the Gentoo LiveCD image and boot it up. Just wait and you’ll be entered into the default user.
  2. Open a terminal window and write the following commands : “sudo su”,”wget”,”sh ./” – This will enter you into superuser mode, then will fetch the script and afterwards will start executing the script. After the script finishes you’ll be told to boot the Xell Bootloader (the one which you should’ve burned to a CD by now)
  3. Reboot and be sure to have the Bootloader disc in the Xbox, everything should go without a hitch. A few prompts will appear, just hit Enter for the Bluescreen regarding resolutions and “Yes” for the warning regarding the pleothora of packages that will be installed.
  4. Ta-Da !


After I manage to make everything smooth, I’ll follow up regarding setting up a LAMP+FTP stack on the machine, and performance graphs.

**Update 1 – Managed to install the LAMP stack, everythink works properly so far. Virtualmin won’t work because of the PPC arch. Besides that, I managed to update to Debian Lenny (5.0), without too many issues. The goal is, I think, updating all the way up to Jessie (8.0) from Etch (4.0) although stuff may become borked along the path. I’ll keep updating this post, and probably will make another post tonight regarding the LAMP stack. **

**Links are updated as of 30 December 2017. **